Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cold Laser Heals Fractures

I have been reading some very boring and clinical studies, but the exciting news is that cold lasers accelerate bone healing in both animals and humans. The consensus is that fractures treated with cold laser heal 2x the rate of those left to heal without laser therapy. Pain and swelling also improved.

Book Written for The Good of the Horse

Written by a veterinarian who also trained as a Bereiter in Germany, this book discusses correct and safe  training . He discusses hyperflexion or Rollkur (he is a founding member of Xenophon, an organization dedicated to fighting mistakes in equestrian sport):

Tug of War: Classical Versus “Modern” dressage, Why Classical Training Works and How Incorrect “Modern” Riding Negatively Affects Horses’ Health¬† by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

Finish Line Products

I had a chance to sample quite a few products at the Woodside Horse Trials . They are all formulated from natural ingredients and are very effective. Recommended!

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