Keep Your Body and Your Horse Healthy!

A body free of tension and stress can function at an optimum level. Muscles can move and blood can circulate freely. As a result, oxygen and nutrients are carried to all cells and toxins are eliminated. Freeing a body from tension allows the innate healing mechanisms of the immune system to function. Conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, backache, neck pain, shoulder pain, digestive disorders, nervousness, headaches, sciatica and more,  all benefit from stress and trigger point therapy.

Stress point therapy can be used as a warm up to prevent injuries. After a work out, body work relieves stiffness, pain, prevents tying up, and cramps. Sports massage at a competition is that ounce of prevention that may mean the difference between staying strong and preventing slight muscle tension from turning into a problem and a major injury.

Using stress point and trigger point therapy is a good way to take charge of your health and that of your animals. It is a chance to dissolve tension and tightness before it develops into something serious. My approach is to use the natural healing systems of massage to maintain health, and avoid, as much as possible, drugs with side effects and medical treatments.

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