What Does Healthy Muscle Feel Like?

Clients often ask what I am feeling when I work on their horses. How do I know where the problem is? When I first run my hands over a horse, I glide over the muscles.  Healthy muscles feel something like creamy peanut butter. Muscles with spasms and trigger points feel more like chunky peanut butter. Healthy muscles feel moldable, while stiff, tight muscles are rigid.

Horses that are very fit will have muscles, especially in the haunches, that feel hard, but the muscles should still yield, like bread dough, to my hand. I often show clients how to knead certain muscles exactly like making bread.

Scar tissue will feel cold, as circulation is restricted. I use myofascial release techniques to soften and release tight scar tissue.

Once I have assessed where the problems lie, I use other techniques, such as trigger point therapy and stress point therapy to release the muscle .

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