Equine Massage is for Full Body Function

Equine Massage is for Full Body Function


Quote is from Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain by Donna and Steven Finando


On this blog I often talk about individual muscles of the horse, and their function. However, muscles are mostly arranged and function in groups. They wrap around each other, share fascia and points of insertion and origin.

Muscles must work together to control movement: as one muscle, the agonist, initiates movement by contracting, the antagonist relaxes, allowing the stretch into the motion. Then the two muscle types switch actions to allow the opposite motion.

Sometimes when I massage a client, I am not sure which muscle is causing a problem. For instance, the trapezius muscles lies on top of the rhomboid. I might suspect the issue I’m seeing in the horse is in the rhomboid, but the massage I do will work on both muscles. Without x-ray vision, I might never know exactly which muscle was in spasm, but I will feel and see the effects of the release.

Massage gives muscles the best possible opportunity to function fully and freely.



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