Case Study of a Big Guy!

Yesterday I went to a work on a half draft/warmblood cross that has been having some lameness issues in his front legs. I had the owner walk him for me, and walking away he looked quite good. But when she walked him toward me I saw he was almost crossing his front legs when he walked.

I got to work and found several tight spots on the right side (the side of the inflamed joint) of his body. I focused on aligning the entire structure of his body.  I have found that the only way to have long lasting results is to make sure all the soft tissue is supple, the nutrition program is of the highest quality, the exercise program is balanced, and the saddle fits.

After an hour of rolfing, I had the owner walk him out again. This time his front legs were about 9 inches apart, but still not square under his shoulders. Sometimes stopping is the hardest part of my job. The horse was happy and relaxed and I stopped working on him rather than go too far and irritate him. The vet will be out soon to assess what we need to do next.



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