Why Is Massage Necessary?

Bodies are unstable. They are designed for motion. The skeleton has hundreds of joints that are moved by muscle and tissue that are nearly 70% water. We all know how stable water is! This fluidity makes bodies able to assume a huge variety of positions.

As babies grow they learn to stabilize their bodies. They learn to control their limbs and movement. This learning process is not always easy. There are times when we brace ourselves with tension. Gaining weight as bodies develop adds to instability.

When a horse walks, the muscles of one leg contract to provide a moment of stability so another leg can swing forward. At times the contracting muscle can shorten, narrow, or flatten too much. The over-contraction of the muscle compresses the joint. Little by little these missteps can lead to poor movement and unhealthy posture.

Equine massage is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to insure that your horse doesn’t get so tight that an injury is inevitable. Massage relieves muscular tension, improves balance and posture, reduces soreness, decreases pain, improves circulation, among some of the many benefits.


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