A Vicious Cycle

Muscle pain can be caused by tension, poor posture, a fall or other trauma, or even from stress. Some people assume that increasing muscular stiffness is due to aging, but it can also be due to a steady increase in muscle tension. After a while the body gets used to the tension.

Without realizing it, the body recruits other muscles to help compensate for the stiff areas. These other muscles were not meant for the job they are recruited for, so they become fatigued, which causes further pain. The increase in pain causes the original stiff muscles to contract even more. What can be done to reverse this cycle of tension, pain, and dysfunction??

A skilled body worker can help stimulate the body’s natural healing system.  It is my job to evaluate and treat an individual’s structure. It is essential that nutrition, massage, diet, acupressure, exercise, and education all are utilized to help restore balance and harmony in the body and maintain well-being throughout life.



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