Does My Horse Really Need the Luxury of a Massage?

We ask a lot of our competition (and pleasure) horses. A little body work will go a long way to make them happier, healthier, and more willing to put out extra effort.

Massage lengthens their stride. The horse can run farther and faster. Massage can relieve many of the nagging ailments that can get in the way of a successful show: muscle aches and soreness, as well as speeding up the healing process from injuries that sideline them from the show season.

I am well aware of the doubters, but I can spot a horse that needs a massage in a heartbeat.

I can see right away that the saddle is not fitting properly. The horse is probably thinking, ‘Don’t you know why I’m so grumpy?’”

If there is an injury or overuse, the body will create connective tissue, which begins to glue the muscles together — sometimes even to the bone. Once that happens, the rest of the body starts to get stuck.

If there is any change in your horse’s attitude ,or in the way it is moving or performing, give me a call, send me a message,  and I can help you evaluate and remedy the problem.


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