Poetry in Motion

A horse has hundreds of muscles divided into 42 groups; none of them works alone. The more the whole body works together, the less work an individual muscle has to do. The moment one muscle doesn’t do its job, due to tightness, fear, or injury, other muscles must pick up the slack.

Muscle tightening is transmitted from one muscle group to another. For instance: shoulder tension may be transmitted to the muscles of the foreleg, resulting in extra stress being placed on the tendons.

Jack Meagher, the founder of Stress Point Therapy, always said “A muscle is never neutral. It is either working for you or against you.”

What begins as something insignificant, a slight tension, can develop into a significant problem or injury. A muscle that cannot function properly because of this tightening will pull or tear.

Massage will find these tightening muscles and work to restore them to full function. Regular massage will help to prevent the initial muscle tension and keep your horse functioning to his full potential.



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