How to Create a Happy Horse

With or without exercise, different areas of the body tend to get tight. Just as you ensure your truck and trailer are well maintained in order to run smoothly and lower the probability of a possible breakdown, the same philosophy must be applied to your horse.

The amount of stress and fatigue that a horse experiences at a horse show (both in travel to and from, and competing) is astronomical. Without proper maintenance, these points of stress and soreness can turn into chronic injuries.


Myofascial release and sports massage can give you a horse that will be able to perform for the long haul, but can also help create a more well-balanced horse mentally and emotionally. When the body is balanced and pain free, the horse has more confidence going into the ring or start box.  Horses are sensitive creatures, and often when they seem to react violently for no reason, are doing so because of some pain in their tissues.

Through observing a horse’s gait, how they stand, how they move, etc., a massage therapist can determine what needs to be treated.  If a horse reacts when a saddle is being put on, or favors one lead more than the other, it is a sign that something is out of alignment. When total balance is achieved, the horse’s health and well-being becomes the norm and you will once again have a happy animal that is eager to do its job.


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2 thoughts on “How to Create a Happy Horse

  1. Kristin

    You make such an important point! Equine massage is not just for treating injuries. When part of a regular program, equine massage creates a happy healthy horse that is less prone to injury. Thanks for your help in keeping our horses healthy and happy!


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