How Can My Horse (and Myself) Perform the Best?

The process of participating in sports and getting a body conditioned strains muscles and tendons even when no injury is present. The simplest way to relieve this strain is through myofascial release.

Fascia is a specialized connective tissue layer surrounding muscles, bones, and joints, and gives support and protection to the body. It consists of three layers – the superficial fascia, the deep fascia and the sub serous fascia. Fascia is one of the 3 types of dense connective tissue (the others being ligaments and tendons) and it extends without interruption from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

The fascia, or soft connective tissue that surrounds muscles, is stretched and made supple during performance enhancing massage. The massage increases blood flow and spreads muscle fibers that have been squeezed together. Both processes can help repair micro-tears and prevent further injury.

Myofascial release can be done before exercise to release any knots so the muscles can work properly. Afterward, massage can push out some of the waste product (lactic acid), for example, to prevent common muscle soreness.

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