Using the Cold Laser to Prevent Injuries

Alberto Salazar is a running coach to Olympic medalists and many other successful runners. Observers have noted that Salazar’s athletes are not only fast, they seem to avoid the injuries that plague others in the sport. An article in the Portland Business Journal reveals the latest Salazar method: the use of laser therapy to prevent injuries, or speed healing.

“We use the lasers at the first sign of injury to limit an exaggerated inflammatory response that can delay healing and help the athlete return to training more quickly,” Salazar says in a short interview.

Proponents believe that laser treatments can reduce pain, and speed healing of all body tissues–muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. Some studies have found it superior to ultrasound.

Before tendons become inflamed and swollen causing pain to the patient (whether two or four legged) and causing a  loss in strength and motion, low level laser, or cold laser, can be a very effective therapy.


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2 thoughts on “Using the Cold Laser to Prevent Injuries


    Hi Bev. I am a horse and people masseur, I was doing a lot of very deep tissue work on horses and people. I am nearly finished my diploma in bowen for people. I am contemplating doing the equine and small animal bowen. I have done a little bit of the trigger point work and just started to get back into it.. I have been transferring the trigger point work to the horses and finding I am getting good results. I have also used the red light therapy.. but I would like to know more about it.
    I live in W.A. I haven’t been massaging for close to a year now… I have /had tears in the tendons of both my elbows.. I haven’t used a red light on them as I haven’t had one for a while. I think my left elbow is good now, the right one had a steroid injection in April… but I had to do some heavy lifting work, which I don’t think helped my cause.
    I am hoping to resume massaging both horses and people at the end of the year. I will get an ultra sound again in Aug to see if the tears are healed. I have quite a few clients that don’t like the bowen and are waiting for me to start massaging again. This time around I will be able to work easier because of the trigger point work and some of the bowen I can incorporate.
    I would like to know if there are good trigger point courses I could do to improve my skills, especially on animals… the people side is pretty good as people can tell you whats going on.
    Kind Regards
    Sandy Mechielsen

    1. Beverly Jacobs Post author

      Have you read Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses by Jack Meagher? That is a good place to start. My basic training in Trigger Point came from Betty Lindquist, who lives in Florida. I supplemented with a lot of study, using the Davies book, which is the trigger point bible, as I’m sure you know. I have wonderful results using low level laser therapy for pain from tendon tears.
      Good luck, and keep in touch!


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