Words of Wisdom

A quote from Pete Egoscue, author of Pain Free:

Healing and health come from within the individual.

The human body has a genius for problem solving and coping with the unexpected, but when experts take charge by orchestrating onslaughts of toxic chemical compounds and traumatic surgical intervention, on top of a modern culture that features poor nutritional standards and acutely sedentary lifestyles, the cumulative damage can be enormous and lasting.


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1 thought on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Simon Measures

    This is exactly the quote I noted down when I read Pete Egoscue’s book “Pain Free Living.” I do believe there is something in that. What he says immediately before that is an important lead up to it. He says, “By deferring to experts and handing over to them personal responsibility for health, the pessimist loses important benefits that would otherwise reach her by way of the actuating and actionable belief that health comes from within. She is closing down a vital feedback loop that provides energy, strength and confidence.”


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