Cold Laser in Action!

A NOTE FOR THE SQUEAMISH: GRAPHIC PHOTOS AT BOTTOM OF POST! There are before and after photos of a surgical wound. I find them amazing, but please don’t scroll to the bottom of the page if you don’t like seeing an open wound.

Today I had the privilege of using my cold laser on an upper level event horse that arrived home yesterday after 5 days at a veterinary hospital for surgery. We used the laser for 25 minutes, then took a break, and then lasered for another 25 minutes. The horse fell asleep for the second session. The photo on the left is before laser treatment. The photo on the right is after 50 minutes of cold laser.

Using the wide head at left.








Using the fine point laser around the edges of the wound.


















Before laser treatment:                                  After 50 minutes of cold laser treatment:

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3 thoughts on “Cold Laser in Action!

  1. Kristin Hogan

    WOW! I am amazed & thrilled!! I can really see a difference around the edges of the wound. As the owner of this horse, I am even more thrilled with how relaxing this treatment was for him. Looking forward to seeing the progress over the next day or two…following up with another session in a week. Many thanks Bev!!

  2. Beverly Jacobs Post author

    It’s a pleasure to work with him. He is so cooperative and kind! I’m very encouraged by the progress that was made today.

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