Stress Points that Riders Suffer, Part 1

A common point of stress in riders is at the top of the scapula, or shoulder blade. The spasm is usually felt in the trapezius muscle, neck, and even up into the head. The neck will feel stiff and there may be pain when you turn to look over a shoulder. Sports massage, or stress point therapy ,might hurt while it is being applied, but the relief and release will be worth it.

A bit further down the shoulder blade is a point that gets stressed when a horse is heavy in the reins. If the spasm is severe, the pain can travel all the way down the arm of the rider. There is a stress point near the armpit that will cause pain in the upper arm when very tight. All these stress points can be quite painful to have worked on (I often hear a lot of “Oh my gawd” shouted out!) but you will sleep better and feel light as a feather once the session is completed. Results will be felt quickly.

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1 thought on “Stress Points that Riders Suffer, Part 1

  1. Kristin Hogan

    This is not only a problem for riders!! This is problem area for me as well {as you know}. The stress point therapy you performed on me was intense but at the same time provided so much relief.


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