Acupuncture or Cold Laser ?

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years. Cold laser is relatively new. Which should you choose? Laser therapy is completely painless, risk free, and sterile since the skin is not broken. Make sure you choose a cold laser that has the power to be effective. Cheap knock-offs, hardly more powerful than a flashlight, have naturally shown up in various marketplaces.

Laser therapy and acupuncture are completely distinct and separate entities. Each has its own highest and best use. Both can be highly effective but are very different. Often, it may be an excellent strategy to combine both.

Acupuncture is more point specific. Acupuncture works when a practitioner inserts fine needles at key points along the body that connect to organs and affect virtually all body functions. In contrast, when laser light contacts tissue, it disperses over a wide area. Acupuncture needles may serve to redirect energy, but they don’t add to it. On the other hand, laser therapy is perhaps a gentler, more supportive stimulus which adds energy to the system.


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