Cold Laser Case Study

I was called to a barn yesterday to work on a horse with a swollen leg. He had been playing in turnout and caught his leg on a wire. There was a shallow puncture on the fetlock of his right front leg. The leg was pretty big ( I apologize for not providing before and after photos. Sometimes, when I’m in the middle of assessing a problem, and I’m concerned about the horse being in pain, I forget that my phone, with camera, is right there in  my pocket!). I used the cold laser, with three different settings, on the swelling, for about an hour. Both the owner, the horse, and I were thrilled that the leg was almost normal at the end of the treatment. Unless you looked carefully, it was hard to find the remaining swollen area. Today I’ll be going back, and I will report on Day 2 of treatment.

Cold lasers or low level lasers are very effective at treating soft tissue injuries and eliminating the excess fluid and swelling.” Dr.Schnee,D.C. of Fort Worth Texas

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