Trailering is Hard on the Body!

Balancing in a moving trailer requires the same effort as a ride. So a 6 hour trailer trip is roughly the equivalent of 6 hours of training. If you talk to savvy bettors at the track, they will not place a bet on a horse that is not stabled at the racetrack. They know that trailering over for the race takes too much out of the horse. A bumpy ride forces the muscles to contort in ways that places more strain on muscles than a gallop over varied terrain. Many bodyworkers get urgent calls from owners after their horses have been transported. Horses will be sore, and may be subluxated after traveling in a trailer. Add the additional stress of some dehydration, changing temperatures, slippery floors, a careless driver, fumes from traffic, and the change of routine, and you can have a horse with a body in distress. Massage, good nutrition and hydration, and rest, will all help to restore your horse to health. I also use Transfer Factor, which I have discussed in other posts. Feel free to search my topics for more information, and also: I welcome comments, questions, etc!

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