Who Cares About Golgi??

When I first started learning about golgi, I remember my eyes rolling up in my head. Enough was enough! I had been studying six hours a day and I figured if I had never heard of them before, why did I need to know about them? But bear with me, please. There is important information for horse riders and owners.

The Golgi are nerve receptors located on the ends of tendons. These sensors indicate how hard a muscle is working. If there is an overload, they will actually stop the muscle from working (Mother Nature’s protection from injury).

The Golgi can be activated manually through massage (Stress Point Therapy). This technique can help both relax and tone the muscle. If a muscle is weak, applying a certain pressure on the end of the tendon helps the golgi to stimulate the muscle. The opposite motion on the ends of the tendons signals the golgi to relax the muscle.

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