New Monday Column!

I started the new week by playing and tweaking with this website. And I’ve decided to start a new weekly column. In my practice I am frequently asked the same question and rather than answering it hundreds of times, it seemed more efficient, and helpful, to share here. So send me your questions and photos and I will do my best to answer them here on Mondays. The questions can pertain to bodywork, cold laser, any muscle issue, performance enhancing massage, or whatever else you want to discuss. Can’t wait to get started!!

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2 thoughts on “New Monday Column!

  1. Madison Hogan

    I was wondering if you could explain the correct process of building a proper baseline of fitness in an event horse before starting with the fast-paced gallop sets when conditioning for competitions.

  2. Beverly Jacobs Post author

    Excellent, and complex question! I will do my best to answer it. Check in on Monday, February 25th for the answer.


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