Some Healing Herbs

Whenever possible, I like to avoid products with toxic ingredients. In life and death situations, I gladly go for the heavy artillery, but for less urgent ailments, I try homeopathic or herbal treatments. I’m trying to keep this post from being 50 pages, so please leave me a message if you need more detailed information.

I discuss Aloe Vera and Arnica (Traumeel) in other posts. Here are a few more that I’ve used successfully:

Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, pain reducing, can be added dry to the horses’ feed.Good for skin allergies when applied as a rinse.

Cat’s Claw: I have not used this, but have read anecdotes about using it to stimulate the immune system when treating cancer. Not to be given to nursing mares.

Comfrey: used to treat bruises and assist in bone healing. Can be taken internally or applied externally.

Dandelion: for digestive disorders feed a few handfuls of fresh dandelion leaves daily.

Echinaea: for skin conditions. Also increases white blood cell production, so useful for infections.

Eyebright: I have used this on myself for pink eye. Very effective for horses as an eyewash or compress.

Fenugreek: Appetite stimulant. High in iron.

Garlic: promotes sweating. Has some antibiotic properties, especially for respiratory infections.

Kelp: contains iodine, sodium, potassium. Supports the thyroid.

Licorice: Not to be given to pregnant mares. Good for cough.

Nettles:for asthma, and bronchial problems. Stimulates circulation so is used for navicular, laminitis.

Slippery Elm: for colic, diarrhea. Used for foals with diarrhea mixed in yogurt. Can also be made into a poultice for wounds and infections.

Valerian: calms the nervous system. Relieves gas and constipation.

Yucca: for arthritis.

Witch Hazel: Great for insect bites and burns. Controls bleeding so keep this on hand for minor injuries.


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