What the Nerve?

A single nerve being squeezed by tight muscles in the spine can affect the health of a horse (or dog or human). Nerves control the body’s functions,including the vital organs, sensation, and movement. A large portion of the nerves pass through the spine.The spinal cord is packed with neurons arranged in pathways, which connect with peripheral nerves stretching right to the extremities of the body.  When one system is affected negatively, there is a domino effect of strain to the body as other systems try to compensate.

Myofascial release, chiropractic, trigger and stress point therapy, all can prevent body imbalances from reaching a crisis point.


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1 thought on “What the Nerve?

  1. Arturo Dawson

    Pinched nerve is one example of this. It can immobilize a human. Horse caretaker must be aware of this condition and they also must know what to do if being faced with this situation.


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