From a new client: I can tell my mare is feeling better. She is walking out so much better and I’m starting to see her personality return – she even snorted at her fly mask and the grain bucket. I haven’t had snorts for that kind of thing in quite some time, so to me that’s a good sign!

A week later: More good news! She was completely sound both directions at walk, trot, and canter. I’m so excited!

I received this lovely text from a client: “You are one of our Heroines and Angels with extraordinary skill, expertise, ethics/values/morals, great talent, and LOVE and DEVOTION to their happiness and health…A true and rare gem in our book. 

My thoroughbred absolutely adores Beverly. Every time she works on him I see instant and lasting results. She is careful to make sure I understand everything she is doing and why, and I always come away from a session feeling like I have learned something about my horse.”

Melissa F.

“My dog–a speedy terrier–slipped on winter ice a few years ago, and developed a recurring limp that would never resolve. It kept us from taking walks together. After just a few sessions with Beverly, and regular maintenance sessions, not only has his limp resolved and we can go for long walks again, but now my 10-year-old runs around like a puppy!”
David B.

“Being a “prelim pony” isn’t easy, but luckily Milo has Beverly’s help to stay healthy and performing at his best. I’ve come to Beverly with specific issues and she’s been instantly able to determine where he needs work, and I see instant results, whether it be a sticky leg yield, jumping issues, or an unbalanced counter canter. I am so amazed at her knowledge of the horse’s body and how to address the issues of performance horses. The soft look that my horse gets in his eyes when she works on him is priceless! I am so thankful that she is available both for barn calls and at a lot of the Area VI events to keep my 17 year old 14.2 pony jumping and going as well as he did years ago!”

Lisa L.

“Lady is a 25 year old thoroughbred mare that has alot of mileage on her. Having gone the route of an advanced level event horse to a “dressage teacher” to a late in life rider, Lady still loves to keep working. But she needs someone to help keep her body in tune. From the moment Beverly met Lady, I could see she had a special way of not just knowing how to approach her, but what would work best for her. After Lady’s first session with Beverly, I had never felt Lady feel so soft and responsive. Beverly knows how to listen to both the horse and the owner. She is a truly special person.”

Alison C.

“Jazzy, my 26 year old mare, was always happy to receive Beverly’s attention. Beverly always knew just the right spots! Beverly’s massage was a welcome alternative to chiropractic treatments, which Jazzy hated. Beverly helped keep the spring in Jazzy’s step.”

 Melissa A.

“Beverly has been working with our thoroughbred, King & our pony, Dancer for years. You couldn’t get two more polar opposites as far as personality and temperament than King & Dancer. She works so well with both hot and sensitive King & the laid-back, yet often stubborn Dancer. Both of these boys know Beverly well and they thoroughly enjoy their sessions with her. She has been instrumental in identifying & treating problems associated with: saddle fit, muscle soreness, and tightness. Even more importantly, she has educated both my girls as to routine, preventative exercises the girls can do on their own to help keep their horse’s body in the best shape possible thereby lowering the risk for injury. Regular massages from Beverly are a vital component of both King & Dancer’s training and performance program. Thanks, Bev!”

Kristin H.

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Liz Gibson

    Beverly is the BEST!! She does regular work on my horse Ziggy, my dog Macho and myself. She has a very special intuitive relationship with Ziggy and Macho. It is a joy to see them say “over here a little & Yes, that’s the perfect spot.” The cold laser treatment is fantastic and has helped us all!! We are very fortunate to have her in our lives!

  2. David B.

    A greater skeptic than I you will not find. Over the past decade or so I’ve tried several methods of pain control, none successful, some with unpleasant side-effects. I tried enough of the “latest and greatest”, so much so that I began to call them the “cure of the week”.

    So when Beverly began telling me of the amazing results she was getting with her cold laser therapy, you might imagine I viewed the reports with jaundiced eye. And indeed, it took some time before I heard enough evidence to convince me try it.

    I’m pleased to say that Beverly’s treatments work, and work well. Knee pain and back pain–two main issues–respond positively to the laser treatments, and I have begun to explore using it on some lesser areas of concern. Change my “skeptic” status to believer!

  3. Kristin

    After years of playing competitive tennis {during high-school, throughout college and as an adult-amateur} I was left with painful bone spurs on both of my heels. Physical therapy sessions, massage and even acupuncture would often bring some relief albeit temporary. One afternoon, after finishing bodywork and cold laser sessions on both of our horses, Beverly noticed me limping and inquired as to the reason. When I explained to her the reason for my chronic pain she suggested we try a cold laser treatment on my heels. She applied the laser to just one of my heels {so we could compare the results to the untreated foot} and there was immediate relief in the treated foot. Unfortunately, the pain gradually returned to the treated foot after about a week. Beverly did mention that the greatest success from the cold laser results in a “series” of treatments {with my particular injury, consecutive sessions over the course of a few days}. Last fall while at a horse show with the girls, I had the opportunity to have Beverly give me daily {30-40 minutes each} cold laser treatments for four days. By the end of the four days, both of my feet were completely PAIN FREE. For the first time in over 20 years I could get up out of bed in the morning and walk without any pain. The best news…8 months later, there has been absolutely no recurrence of pain. I completely believe in & recommend cold laser therapy for anyone suffering from chronic pain. Thank you Beverly!

    1. Beverly Jacobs Post author

      It was hard to watch your pain return after intermittent treatments with the cold laser. I am so happy that we finally figured out a way to make you permanently pain free. Every body responds differently, but it does seem that using the cold laser for several days in a row is the most effective way to see a dramatic change. Hurray!!


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