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New Uses for Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy works by altering or stimulating cellular function. The light energy penetrates,  depending on the wavelength,  and affects cells and blood vessels.  The laser can block a nerve’s ability to send a pain signal to the brain, increasing blood flow or decreasing swelling. It may also significantly speed wound healing.

It’s noninvasive. When used correctly, it doesn’t have any side effects. It can be used weekly or monthly for pets with chronic pain, giving them better quality of life. In cases of severe pain caused by surgery or trauma, laser treatment can be used twice a day for a few days and then daily to diminish pain and speed healing.

Some exciting new areas of study for laser healing are range of motion, baldness, jaw clicking, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and  stress. treating stress, anxiety and depression with cold laser therapy. The protocol for stress combines ancient Chinese medicine and laser technology that’s used on acupressure points to boost  endorphins and dopamine. These chemicals naturally help your body reduce the physical effects of stress.

Lasers have been shown to speed healing time by about 50%. th


The Calming Effect of Cold Laser Therapy

I just came back from the Woodside Horse Trials (eventing) in California. A young rider approached me before her preliminary dressage test and asked if I could help her with her thoroughbred, who has been known to get agitated in the dressage ring. I used a protocol that has been tested for show nerves. It only took 4 minutes which I was happy about, since I didn’t want to get in the way of the riders’ preparations.

The test went well! No rearing. He stayed in the arena. He did not toss his head. He was calm and did his job. Mission accomplished! This is a safe, legal, and quick tool that could help many improve their dressage scores.

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