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The Danger of Antibiotic Use

About 70% of antibiotics sold in the U.S. go to farm animals, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. “These farms are loaded with resistant bacteria, which then spread into the community”, says Dr. Stuart Levy of Tufts University.

You can get resistant bacteria from the meat or the produce you eat, sine manure from these animals is applied to crops. Runoff from farms can spread the bacteria into the environment, which means plants and animals can carry them and pass them on to humans.

In late 2013 the FDA took action to phase out routine use of antibiotics to promote growth in animals. Regulators called on the industry to voluntarily use antibiotics only for therapeutic purposes under the supervision of a veterinarian.

A number of restaurant chains have agreed to stop serving meat from animals raised with antibiotics. In Denmark, a ban on antibiotic use has led to fewer resistant bugs in animals. Dr. Levy says “Europeans have shown we can raise animals without antibiotic food supplements”.

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The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

We have all heard about the health benefits of olive oil, but do you know about olive leaf extract? It has extraordinary antioxidant and immune system benefits. The olive tree truly is the “Tree of Life”! Health professionals first started using Olive Leaf extract in 1995 when it first became available. Although we do not have a long-term perspective as yet, initial results are very positive. We see a very promising and unique herb with multiple applications.

Olive leaf extract contains oleuropein, which has the ability to dissolve a broad range of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and other parasites in your system. It can be used safely to treat infections.

Olive leaf extract has also been shown to prevent atherosclerosis and hardening of arteries, reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis, and cure gout. Since most of the studies have been done on animals, it has been shown to be effective for a wide range of pet ailments.

Olive leaf dramatically increases the function of the immune system, as well as acting as a natural antibiotic to allow your pets to deal with allergies in a safe, natural and effective manner.  No side effects, and no danger of damage to internal organs. One of the uses for horses has been in the treatment of EPM. Ear and skin infections also respond very well to olive leaf extract.


Super Bugs

We once thought of antibiotics as miracle drugs, but they now pose a serious problem to our health, and the health of our animals. Bacteria have “learned” how to outsmart even the strongest antibiotics. If these antibiotic resistant bacteria continue to evolve at the current rate, having a strong immune system may be the only real defense against many diseases.

Because of the misuse of antibiotics to treat viruses, colds, flu, sore throats, etc., resistance to antibiotics when needed for a bacterial infection has risen dramatically. There are also side effects, such as yeast and fungal infections, to the use of antibiotics.(When antibiotics are used correctly, taking probiotics can lessen the side effects.) Transfer Factor supplementation is how I support my immune system. I have not taken antibiotics for over a decade. If I know I have been exposed to the flu or a bad cold, I also take Gan Mao Ling for a few days. When our immune system successfully fight off an infection in this natural way, it emerges stronger and better equipped to fight future health threat.

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