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An Important Supplement: Astragalus

This is an edited excerpt from a book I’ve been reading called The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants, by Guido Mase.

“The science behind Astragalus is remarkable. Modern research is validating the uses detailed for this plant. Studies link it to improved immunity and reduced anemia when it comes to chronic infection, cancer, kidney disease, and more. It is a tonic that builds our resistance to all manner of ills, including ┬ápathogens. Recovery from protracted illness or long term stress is another of its strengths. I have found this plant to be useful support for those undergoing difficult courses of chemotherapy.

Those who take plants like Echinacea in the fall should switch to Astragalus instead. It’s a much more appropriate immune tonic and much more effective at keeping illness at bay. While its life-giving power is legendary in conditions of extreme depletion, such as cancer, compromised immunity, or recovery from prolonged infection, everyone would do well to take some Astragalus root every day. For those who get frequent colds, or whose respiratory tracts seem to be congested and weak all winter, this herb is just the ticket. Astragalus will improve overall immunity.


Chemotherapy and Transfer Factor

Chemotherapy weakens the immune system. Patients undergoing cancer treatment can take Transfer Factor to protect the body from the infections which often occur.

Dr. Duane Townsend, author of “A Maverick of Medicine” and a gynecologic oncologist, puts all his cancer patients on transfer factor to boost their immune systems. Patients report fewer negative side effects from chemotherapy. In Japan and China, transfer factor supplementation is also used after surgery to help prevent the recurrence of cancer.

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