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Immediate Pain Relief

Cold laser treatments provide pets with relief from painful symptoms of a variety of medical conditions and diseases. These treatments are non-invasive and painless. Recovery time is greatly reduced.

Both laser therapy and acupuncture are based on traditional Chinese medicine’s concept of chi, or energy. Ancient theories about how chi moves through the body mirror modern medicine’s understanding of how the nervous system functions in the body. Both acupuncture and laser therapy pinpoint specific spots along the body’s chi (or nervous system) where there are blockages, which obstruct the flow of energy or information throughout the body. Blockages hinder the body’s ability to function at an optimal level and heal at an accelerated rate.

Both acupuncture and laser therapy have been shown to increase circulation throughout the body, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and accelerating healing. These therapies offer pain management and treatment for conditions like immune-related disorders, skin conditions, arthritis, and reproductive disorders.

Low level laser therapy is being successfully used treat pain or stiffness associated with arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions, acute injuries, and post-operative recovery for surgical patients. It has been found to be an excellent, well-tolerated alternative to drugs. This type of laser treatment is different from surgical lasers that cut. This wavelength of light penetrates the skin without cutting or burning it. It stimulates the cells and blood vessels that lie just beneath the skin. It does this without causing any harm to the tissues.

The laser’s contact with injured or diseased tissue promotes the production of ATP, a substance essential to cellular reproduction and repair. This enhances the body’s natural healing abilities.┬áLaser therapy strengthens injured tissues, which makes them less vulnerable to re-injury during the recovery process. It also reduces internal scarring, another potential source of pain and stiffness. Painkilling drugs can only mask the symptoms — they don’t treat the underlying issues.



Super Bugs

We once thought of antibiotics as miracle drugs, but they now pose a serious problem to our health, and the health of our animals. Bacteria have “learned” how to outsmart even the strongest antibiotics. If these antibiotic resistant bacteria continue to evolve at the current rate, having a strong immune system may be the only real defense against many diseases.

Because of the misuse of antibiotics to treat viruses, colds, flu, sore throats, etc., resistance to antibiotics when needed for a bacterial infection has risen dramatically. There are also side effects, such as yeast and fungal infections, to the use of antibiotics.(When antibiotics are used correctly, taking probiotics can lessen the side effects.) Transfer Factor supplementation is how I support my immune system. I have not taken antibiotics for over a decade. If I know I have been exposed to the flu or a bad cold, I also take Gan Mao Ling for a few days. When our immune system successfully fight off an infection in this natural way, it emerges stronger and better equipped to fight future health threat.

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