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Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy

Clinical and experimental studies have provided evidence that lasers can increase nerve function, reduce the formation of wounds, increase the metabolic activity of neurons, and enhance myelin production (Bagis et al., 2002). The non-invasive nature of laser photo therapy enables treatment without surgical intervention. Low level laser therapy began to be used in the regeneration and functional recuperation process of peripheral nerves in the 1970s. 

Many doctors dismiss cold laser therapy as quackery, which is one of the reasons I have used it so much on myself, family, and friends before I used it on animals that can’t give me verbal feedback. One friend said it did little for her carpal tunnel pain, and went ahead and had surgery. Everyone else reported moderate to complete relief.  On myself, it sometimes takes 7-10 sessions for pain to be gone from an injury that has caused chronic pain.

Low Level laser therapy has been used for at least 30 years for pain reduction and tissue repair. There is strong evidence it works and new research is constantly being conducted to refine it. 

It works by blocking pain fibers and slowing the transmission of pain messages. This pain blockade allows for a reduction in inflammation and for tissue regeneration. 

In one way, LLLT acts like a local anesthetic and reduces pain signals going to the brain. After several treatments the nerves in the affected area become less irritable and pain lessens, allowing muscles to relax and healing to take place.

While some conditions are curable, some need ongoing maintenance and people need to return for a treatment every three months. While not everyone responds to the cold laser,  it is used to treat a variety of conditions including neck and back pain, acute and chronic pain, migraine, wounds, arthritic pain, fibromyalgia and lymphedema.



An Alternative Method of Pain Relief

If you or your animal has muscle pain, the quickest way to get relief is through myofascial release and trigger point therapy. If pressure is applied to stress points or trigger points in the muscle, the pain will be relieved within a minute. It is that simple. Taking pain medications is temporary and harmful to the body, but that is what modern medicine continues to rely on for the most part.

Once the muscle has been released, the pain relief is permanent (unless the activity that caused the pain is repeated. For instance, there are certain chairs that create a painful spasm in my leg. I have learned to release the spot and my leg is fine unless I sit in the wrong chair.)

Many people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia can be “cured” with myofascial release. Many people (and horses) with back pain can be helped with this form of massage, when chiropractic treatments have failed. Chiropractors adjust bones and the skeleton, but if the source of pain is muscular, chiropractic treatment will not address the source of the pain.

Recently I went to work on a pony that I have been working with for a few years. I had last seen him in October, at the end of a very busy show season. At the show, I worked on him every day for 5 days in a row. For this appointment I expected to see a pony in need of quite a few adjustments, but I ended up just checking all his old trouble spots, and then giving him a relaxing massage. All the stress points that had been a source of discomfort in the past are gone. I credit good riding and care for his very healthy and youthful-feeling body, but last year at this time he had some painful imbalances that I worked on. Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and stress point therapy can have very lasting effects!




Transfer Factor Battles Cancer and Other Diseases

A transfer factor is a protein molecule that is taken from a human or animal that has already developed protection (immunity) against a certain disease. (Look in I Recommend box on right to order. The only company to order from is 4Life. They hold the patent. I can vouch for them. Any other company that claims to sell Transfer Factor is not to be trusted.)

Transfer factors are used for infectious conditions in people with weak immune systems. These infectious conditions include bacteria or viruses in the blood stream (septicemia), sinus infections, bronchitis, influenza, swine flu, the common cold, shingles, chickenpox, hepatitis B, fungal infections such as coccidioidomycosis, yeast infections (candidiasis), parasitic infections such as leishmaniasis and cryptosporidiosis, and leprosy. Transfer factors are also used against infections caused by viruses such as cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Epstein-Barr virus; by bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium fortuitum, and Mycobacterium avium; and by yeast-like fungus such as Cryptococcus and Pneumocystis carinii.

Transfer factors are also used for diabetes, autism, infertility, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Behcet’s syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, balding, and Alzheimer’s disease. They are also used for skin conditions including psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, and others. Other uses include an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease), multiple sclerosis, bone cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, food and chemical allergies, myasthenia gravis, and asthma.

Darryl See, M.D. conducted the following studies after his initial trial showed the awesome immune boosting qualities of Transfer factor.


The initial results of a groundbreaking independent study using Transfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™ yielded unprecedented results in a study done by the Institute of Longevity Medicine in California, a laboratory recognized for its research and expertise in measuring the ability of ingredients to significantly boost the immune system. Dr See had showed that Transfer Factor Plus™ increased the NK cell activity 248% above normal immune response without supplementation, or about five times higher than any of the other 196 previously tested products. This is higher than any other drug, vitamin, herb, etc.

In the follow up research, twenty patients, 12 men and 8 women, were selected for this in vivo study.  The average age was 49.3.  The twenty individuals were each level 3 or level 4 cancer patients.  Each patient was basically sent home by his or her oncologist to die.  The average life expectancy was 3.7 months.  The protocol was to place each patient on 9 capsules per day of Transfer Factor Plus.  The patients were given a number of other general nutrients*.  After eight months, 16 of these individuals were still living.

Transfer Factor and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes chronic muscle and bone pain. The cause is unknown, but evidence suggests that diet and supplements, such as Transfer Factor, magnesium, and malic acid can significantly ease the symptoms.

Anecdotal evidence shows Transfer Factor improving the health of bedridden patients with fibromalgia in as little as 4 days. Patients were able to walk and sleep was not interrupted by severe pain.

A woman in her 50’s suffered with fibromyalgia for 20 years. She had made the rounds of doctors and clinics. Some suggested she had a virus that had never left her body. She was given diet and exercise plans and told to live with her condition. She had headaches, sleepless nights, pain, fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome. When she heard about Transfer Factor she was skeptical, but willing to try one more thing. Two weeks after starting on Transfer Factor, she slept better and the pain and fatigue were subsiding. At the end of three months she was a “different person”. (This is very much what I experienced after taking multiple medications for asthma for 15 years before being introduced to Transfer Factor. I barely remember what asthma feels like now!) Continue reading

Fibromyalgia and Cold Laser Therapy

In clinical studies, about 67% of fibromyalgia patients treated with cold laser therapy improved. Pain decreased. Mobility increased. Even fatigue was lessened. Many patients were able to eliminate or greatly reduce their reliance on pain medication. Cold laser therapy has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of pain.

Laser therapy involves the application of low-intensity lasers to specific areas of the body to stimulate endorphins. These endorphins, naturally present in the brain and adrenal glands, help block transmission of pain signals to the brain and relax the patient. Laser therapy is a non-invasive alternative to needle acupuncture and is said to excite energy between acupoints in much the same way.

On a personal note, I was lifting weights recently, and probably did not warm up sufficiently. Soon after, I felt a pain in the area of my collarbone. All day it bothered me, but I tried to ignore it, as I had to work. By the evening, the pain had increased and I knew it was bad enough to keep me awake. So I pulled out my laser and put it on the painful spot for about 10 minutes. It felt better quickly, but it still hurt. I did sleep though, and in the morning the pain was 95% gone. I should take my own advice more often!

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