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Can You Avoid Feeding Your Horse GMOs?

For Christmas my daughter (she knows me well!) gave me a Non Gmo Cookbook (who knew that existed??). Looking at the categories in the beginning of the book renewed my concern for the health of our horses. In the high risk crop category is alfalfa, canola (90% of US crop), corn (88%), and sugar beets (95%). This category includes crops that are in commercial production in genetically engineered form.

I won’t get into the debate on whether GMO crops are safe to eat, since there are loud arguments on both sides. More than 60 countries have banned the production and sale of GMOs. Australia, Japan, and all of the European Union have banned them.

In the near future it may be impossible to buy hay or beet pulp that is not genetically engineered.

This is a link to animal feeds that do not contain GMO:


Here is a list of dog foods that do not contain GMOs.  Please let me know if you have more information and I will publish it.

Brad’s Raw 4 Paws
Furry Foodie
Mary’s Organic Pet Food
Nummy Tum Tum
Scratch and Peck
Sun Chlorella
Sweetwater Creek Ranch Organic Pet Food
Sweetwater Creek Ranch Pet Food


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