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Words of Wisdom

A quote from Pete Egoscue, author of Pain Free:

Healing and health come from within the individual.

The human body has a genius for problem solving and coping with the unexpected, but when experts take charge by orchestrating onslaughts of toxic chemical compounds and traumatic surgical intervention, on top of a modern culture that features poor nutritional standards and acutely sedentary lifestyles, the cumulative damage can be enormous and lasting.


The Science of Skinny

I am riveted to a book right now, that is not directly connected to horses or massage, but to health. It is called The Science of Skinny, by Dee McCaffrey. I think the title is a bit misleading, as this is not a book about getting thin. It is about sugar as a “poisonous toxin” that causes such diseases as arthritis, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and every immune system disorder. The book discusses, in a scientific way, how eliminating processed foods can restore health.  Eating foods in their closest-to-natural form is the true path to sustained weight loss and, in fact, the remedy for almost any health problem. You will understand your body’s chemistry after reading this! Implementing small changes from the science-backed information in this book will improve your health, even if you don’t follow every recommendation. 

There are too many mind-blowing facts to list here, but two that grabbed me: the FDA allows foods with trans fats to be listed as containing 0% trans fats. What??

Sodium laurel sulfate (yes, the toxic ingredient to be avoided in  shampoos) is found in many boxed cake mixes! In fact, the FDA keeps a list of over 3000 ingredients that are added to foods, most of them synthetically concocted.

I am adding the book to my “I recommend” column on the right to make ordering easy.

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