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Why Children Need Transfer Factor

I wish I had known about Transfer Factor when my son was a baby. He got his first ear infection at 6 weeks, and was on antibiotics pretty constantly for the first two years of his life. Surgery to have tubes inserted was horribly stressful and did nothing to improve his infections. Antibiotics failed at controlling his ear infections, and I was told he might lose his hearing. (He is a professional musician, so all is well with his hearing!)

Overuse of antibiotics in children, and other young mammals, causes compromised immunity, and the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Transfer Factors are completely safe, with no side effects (tested since 1949). They can be given to infants as young as three weeks old. I gave them to our 6 day old filly when she spiked a fever (the other two foals at the barn were treated with antibiotics, but she recovered faster).

“I have been running a clinical trial in my pediatric practice for 12 months. We have seen 74% less illness, and 84% less use of antibiotics. I’ve been amazed, but not surprised, because I’ve seen the research on transfer factor.”

Dr. David Markowitz, M.D.Logan, 1 week


The Health Threat of the 21st Century

Every day, new studies are published that point to a poorly functioning immune system as the real problem in conditions like heart disease, obesity, kidney disease, and, multiple sclerosis. Scientists are discovering that diseases once thought to be unrelated to infection are really caused by microorganisms. If persistent infection is really causing these diseases, we’ve been on the wrong treatment track for many decades. Dutch scientists have reported that chronic arthritis may have a bacterial component. The disease may have been triggered by a prior infection.

“Transfer Factor will enhance your immune systems’ ability to respond to any challenge. Transfer Factor is about staying healthy.” June Ferrari, Nutritionist


Cancer Cells and Transfer Factor

I know this is an equine massage blog, but I have a great interest in all forms of natural healing.

If the immune system is healthy and alert, our bodies and those of our animals will eliminate toxins, infections, and other invaders quickly. If cancer cells are able to evade the immune system, they can grow into a tumor. Cancer is ultimately a failure of the immune system. In a study (Russian Oncology Research Center, Academy of Medical Sciences) transfer factor was shown to have no direct, drug-like effect on leukemia cells, but was found to greatly enhance the ability of natural killer cells to destroy these cancer cells. By strengthening the immune system, transfer factor wages a “war on cancer.”



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