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Is Laser Therapy Right for Me or My Animal?

Cold Laser Therapy, which is also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is used to improve tissue repair, reduce inflammation and pain.

The treatment has been proven to help relieve pain in areas like the neck and also in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Cold laser has many other uses, including helping wounds heal and treating muscle, tendon, bone or nerve damage.

Because the light beam triggers the repair of damaged cells in its path, without the need for the therapist to identify the exact problem, it can lead to a reduction or resolution of hundreds of different illnesses or conditions.

In horses, laser therapy has proven useful and effective in treating hoof abscesses, bone chips, navicular problems, and laminitis.


Do You Give Your Horse a Mineral Block?

It is important to check the iron content of your salt block. Too much iron will block the absorption of copper and zinc. Excess iron in your horse’s diet can make the horse more susceptible to infections, arthritis, tendon and ligament problems, and insulin resistance.

Horses that graze on grass that is high in iron are prone to developing laminitis.

Most commercial feeds provide a bare minimum of minerals such as zinc and copper. Your horse would have to eat a few hundred pounds of their feed to begin to meet the minimum daily requirement. Become a careful and informed reader of labels. Vitamin E, which is essential for skin and hoof health,  is destroyed when hay is dried.

Salt blocks are not very efficient vehicles for delivering salt to a horse. Many horses don’t use them much, since the blocks are quite rough and irritate the tongue. A horse would have to consume at least a 2 pound block every month to get sufficient salt. Adding loose salt to feed is the best solution. For a working horse, about 1-2 tablespoons per day will keep them in proper balance. Insufficient salt intake leads to dehydration, so sodium levels must be maintained for performance horses.

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