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Whole Body Treatment

The usual approach to treating sore muscles is to use liniment for a relaxing rubdown, or use a high tech blanket, or maybe do some leg stretches.  And if none of those techniques work, what is next?  Trigger points, or muscle knots, are small patches of contracted muscle fibers that cause aching and stiffness. When activated through strain or injury, they cause pain either at the site itself, or refer it somewhere else in the body.

Thousands of muscle fibers contract to create movement. Sometimes muscle fibers can tear, leading to tension, swelling, and heat. What may begin as a small numbers of fibers, barely noticeable, can become a progressive problem as the micro trauma spreads to adjacent muscle fibers.

Conscientious riders will be aware of the smallest change in movement or behavior and take action before the problem becomes a major injury.

When muscle fibers are injured, the surrounding area becomes shortened and tight. This uneven stress can be transferred through the fascia and cause additional pain and restrictions in other parts of the body as trigger points or stress points.  My job is to apply gentle pressure until the restriction is released, and free movement and balance are restored. Muscle tension, pain, postural imbalances, and improved circulation are all benefits of stress and trigger point therapy. As Jack Meagher always said, “That is called putting your finger on the problem!”


After a Horse Show Weekend

Muscles that have worked very hard will often develop some inflammation. This is a normal process that helps new muscle fibers form. It is important that the inflammation is kept to a light degree, as intense inflammation will form scar tissue. After the show, use cold hosing, ice boots, deep massage, and cold laser. All will promote blood circulation which will bring healing oxygen to muscle fibers. A brisk rub with liniment (see side bar for Chapman’s, a homeopathic liniment that I like) will also stimulate circulation. Transfer Factor and supplements such as Vitamin C, E, and Selenium are also essential for keeping inflammation from free radicals under control.

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