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A Big Improvement!

Last week I wrote about a pony that competes in combined driving. He had recovered from an injury in a hind leg, but had severe pain in his back. Today I went back. The pain was better, but I still felt spasms at both attachments of the long back muscles. The forward attachment is by the withers. The other end attaches on either side of the sacrum. I applied deep pressure at all the spasms and alternated that with spreading the muscle fibers of the longissimus dorsi (back muscle) itself. After about 40 minutes, the pony started to hang his head and really relax. The pain seemed to be gone. The owner walked and trotted him out for me and he looked great. I will go back in 2 weeks for a check, but I think it is time for him to go back to work.  I thought it might take six weeks to see this kind of recovery, but it just shows me how releasing spasms can provide tremendous relief.

The Right and Wrong Way to Stretch


Here is a 14 year old pony the day after a jump lesson (3’3″ !). He just had body work and is feeling balanced and relaxed.









I often see this stretch done. Here is why I don’t like it at all: Notice how the pony’s back is sinking and hollow.










Here is the correct way to stretch: Support the upper leg so that it is fairly parallel to the ground. Let the lower part of the leg hang freely. Notice the difference in the top line:




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