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Improve Range of Motion and Reduce Pain

No body has to live in pain from injury, arthritis, back pain, sciatica. That sounds like a radical statement but there are many therapies to address chronic pain.  Myofascial Release is a soft tissue therapy designed to change and improve the health of the fascia. Fascia is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures within the body.

Fascia literally holds us together.  When we encounter fascial and muscle dysfunction, the result is usually pain and discomfort, loss of range of motion in our bodies ,and a subsequent loss of well-being and quality of life.

When the fascia gets bunched, similar to plastic Saran wrap for example, it can bind down on nerves, blood vessels and organs and thus cause restriction and pain.

Because the fascia cannot be detected on X-ray, CT ,or MRI ,scans it is often the reason for unidentified discomfort.

Myofascial Release breaks down scar tissue, relaxes muscles, and restores good posture. It is used with great success to target chronic pain, sometimes in only a few sessions. I have been working on many horses lately that have been recovering from injuries. In just a few sessions, we are seeing  better joint flexibility and range of motion. Instead of an angular, disjointed profile, the body has a harmonious, flowing appearance.


Do You Suffer From Sciatic Pain?

This is an excerpt from a self-treatment workbook,Trigger Point Therapy by Valerie DeLaume: “Referred pain from trigger points in the gluteus minimus muscle is frequently diagnosed by health care practitioners as “sciatic pain” because of the distribution pattern down the side and back of the leg. One study showed that at least 79% of pain down the leg comes from trigger point referral from either the gluteus minimus or piriformis muscles, and not from “pinched nerves”, a herniated disk, or stenosis (narrowing in the opening) in a vertebra. ”

Before you rush into drastic treatment for your “sciatic” pain, you might want to try trigger point therapy. A good professional can show you how to continue do it yourself treatment at home.




Case Study of a Retired Show Horse

I recently went to a barn full of a breed that I don’t often work on: Saddlebreds. (I also got to work on a very handsome Morgan, one of my favorite breeds!) This is a show barn and the horses are all plump, shiny, and quite fit. I was asked to take a look at a retiree: a 19 year old who had a long and successful show career. He was suffering from arthritis in the lumbar area, and sciatica. He often lost his balance in the hind end and had had six injections to help him. As he walked into the barn, he appeared ready to fall over, but the owner assured me he would not fall on top of me as I worked!  I thought he might be a good candidate for cold laser therapy. After about 15 minutes he squared up his hind legs and seemed much more secure in his balance. I used the laser for another 15 minutes and then went on to the next horse. The owner and groom informed me that when the gelding was turned out in his pasture he ran and bucked! I wish I had seen that with my own eyes! Maybe next time I can get before and after photos.

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