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There Are So Many Uses for the Cold Laser!

Low Level Laser Therapy uses light at a wavelength that the cells of the body are receptive to. The light is absorbed and energy production is increased, speeding up the healing process,and increasing the quality of the repair.

Facial pain, trapped nerves, Achilles tendonitis, muscle fatigue, Lymphedema (also known as lymphatic obstruction, a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling), chronic low back pain, to name a few, have been treated successfully with LLLT/Cold Laser Therapy.

There have been many clinical trials proving the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. Neck pain and whiplash, normally difficult to successfully resolve due to the sensitivity of the area, has a positive outcome with LLLT, as does sciatica and pain felt under the shoulder blade. The evidence for Age Related Macular disease (AMD) and stroke is rapidly emerging, and clinical trials are planned for Parkinson`s and Alzheimer’s.

The wonderful thing about the laser is it can do no harm if used correctly. If you or your horse has pain or soreness at a horse show, ask me to use the cold laser on the painful area. At a CIC or CCI I often use the laser on all the joints of the horses’ legs before the jog and after cross country.

With Laser Therapy you can heal and relieve pain, heal muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, ease inflammation and swelling, treat wounds, and so much more!


Have You Ever Suffered a Whiplash?

There may be a few lucky people who have never fallen off a horse, or been in a car accident, but I haven’t met them. Even a minor fender-bender can cause whiplash. The sudden impact causes over-stretching of muscles in the chest, back, and neck. The resulting spasms can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and swelling in the hands and fingers. Jaw pain is also common. If the affected trigger points are left untreated, the problems can persist for years.

Many people with pain associated with whiplash are prescribed medications that are addictive and damaging to the body. Chiropractic treatments can give temporary relief, as can cold laser therapy. Targeting the exact location of the trigger points will produce the results that last. Even if the pain has been there for years, with trigger point therapy, pain can be eliminated in 4-6 weeks.

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